Teachers provide an imaginative and motivating environment using their own creativity for good learning opportunities.

The environment is challenging and stimulating where children are encouraged and supported to become spontaneous diligent and enthusiastic learners.

Each class in the Pre-School unit has a fully qualified teacher - assisted by teacher assistants. The Staff are assisted by a full-time Administrative member of staff.

Head of Department

Mrs Lynn McLeod


Mrs Penny Botes


Grade 0


Mrs Monica Schoultz

Ms Aimee Doherty

Ms Amy Best

Grade 0 Teacher Assistants


Mrs Nicky Brunskill

Mrs Hayley Schoeman

Grade 00


Ms Nicci Loizou

Ms Kirsten Mc Kinley

Grade 00 Teacher Assistant

  Ms Sian Townsend

Grade 000


Mrs Alison Daniel

Ms Callé Stewart

Grade 000 Teacher Assistant

  Mrs Jo-Anne Groves



Ms Victoria Shange

Mrs Sandra Ngobese

Mrs Landiwe Mbuli