Our Aim

The Atholton Pre-Primary School is situated on the SW border of the main school campus. We aim to stimulate children in a controlled manner and to have an open minded and positive approach to education focusing on each individual child.

We strive to instil a sense of acceptance, self-determination and a need to succeed in our children. Our goal is to develop good concentration, motivation, problem-solving skills and self-discipline that will guide them into Grade One and equip them for the future.

Our teaching is directed, free learning that gives the child space to learn and play in a safe and structured environment. This philosophy will give them a head start when they begin formal school.

The Pre-Primary School is made up of Grade 000, Grade 00 and Grade 0 classes.

The advantages of being in transition in our own school :

  1. Children become familiar with the rules, regulations and the general daily routine of Atholton Primary.
  2. The school morning is balanced between informal exploratory play opportunities and carefully planned teacher-directed lessons.
  3. Atholton Pre-Primary School's readiness and language Programmes are foundational and effective in preparing children for the demands of formal education.
  4. Exposure to the emergent skills of pre-reading, pre-writing and pre-numeracy ensures our children are ready to meet the demands of "Big School".
  5. Grade 0 children attend weekly music, computer and library lessons at the main campus. We utilise the Tuck Shop weekly and participate in the Junior Primary sports, swimming gala, cross country and concert. This liaison between the qualified pre-school teachers and the specialist staff at the main campus ensures an easy transition into formal school.